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State and federal laws provide consumers with broad protection from false and misleading advertising and unfair or deceptive business acts or practices. Haeggquist & Eck, LLP represents consumers in class action lawsuits against some of the nation’s largest corporations. Claims we’ve helped clients win have involved defective products, false advertising, mortgage lending, banking, insurance fraud, discriminatory underwriting, and senior citizen fraud.

If you feel you have been a victim of misrepresentation or false advertising, or you have otherwise dealt with unscrupulous businesses who have cheated you out of a product or a service, you may have a legal claim.

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What Is Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud is a broad term used to describe unfair or deceptive business practices perpetrated by companies with the intent to obtain financial advantage at the expense of consumers. Because individuals are not typically in the financial position to pursue independent legal actions, our consumer fraud attorneys in San Diego prosecute these claims in class action lawsuits that can help other consumers aggrieved by similar fraudulent acts obtain compensation for their own financial losses.

Whether your loss is relatively small (under $100) or in the range of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a class action claim can help you recover what’s been taken from you and hold deceitful businesses responsible for their actions.

What Are the Different Types of Consumer Fraud?

Unfortunately, consumer fraud can be carried out in a number of ways. False and misleading advertising, auto fraud, insurance fraud, unfair debt collection, deceptive internet practices, and the sale of defective products are just a few examples of the types of consumer fraud that exist.

What Are Some Examples of Consumer Fraud?

Consumer fraud can look like the following:

  • A company or representative uses high-pressure or deceptive sales tactics
  • A product or service’s capabilities, function, or quality are misrepresented or lied about
  • A certain product is offered but another is delivered (bait and switch)
  • Fine print is abused to defraud consumers
  • Products and services are improperly billed
  • A product is outright defective

How Are Consumers Protected Against Fraudulent Business Practices?

Both state and federal laws protect consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices. Consumer fraud laws also regulate the way that businesses are allowed to advertise, promote, and sell their products and broadly prohibit deception when dealing with consumers. The Federal Trade Commission works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid fraud. The federal agency published countless consumer resources, which provide extremely valuable for consumers. State attorneys general offices and state consumer protection agencies also serve to protect the public from fraud.

While these agencies are responsible for investigating consumer fraud complaints, they do not help individual consumers recover their losses. Your losses can be regained, however, with help from a consumer fraud attorney in San Diego. An experienced attorney can file a consumer fraud class action lawsuit to help all those similarly deceived by a business obtain compensation for financial losses, litigation costs, and more.

What Should I Do If I Have Experienced Consumer Fraud?

The best way to protect your interests is to seek the early advice of a qualified consumer fraud attorney. If you suspect you have been defrauded, it is likely that others in your position have been similarly aggrieved. By speaking with an attorney, you can get answers to your questions and determine the best way to exercise your legal rights. You can also determine what government agencies you should contact to file an official complaint.

It will cost you nothing to speak with a consumer fraud attorney in San Diego at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP to determine your legal rights and arrive at a proper course of action. Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means that participating in a class action lawsuit will cost you nothing until the firm successfully resolves your case. At that point, a small percentage of the total award will go to the firm. Often, attorney fees are even built into consumer fraud settlements or verdicts.

Consumer Fraud Case Fees

When we work with consumers, we customarily handle the claim as a class action and charge a contingency fee. This means that we will take a percentage of any damages we recover but will only charge attorney fees if we get compensation for your losses.

How Do I Report Fraud?

You can report fraud by contacting a relevant government regulatory agency, or by calling a consumer fraud attorney in San Diego at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP. We value your privacy. Any information you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence and will only be used by our attorneys to determine how we can help you.

f you feel you have been the victim of consumer fraud or any other type of fraud, please contact us online or call (619) 342-8000 to learn about your legal rights and options.

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