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    Helping Drivers Recover Unpaid Wages & Overtime

    People who drive trucks and delivery vehicles may not know exactly what kind of compensation they are entitled to or how they can seek compensation when they’ve been inappropriately paid. Truck and delivery drivers are protected by state and federal laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and California’s Motor Carrier Act, but employers may still try to shortchange their employees.

    When drivers experience the misfortune of being improperly paid for their work, they can exercise their right to seek fair compensation from their employers and contacting a lawyer may be necessary to do so. At Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, we can work with employees of trucking or delivery companies to help them gain what they’re owed according to the law.

    If you’re a driver who’s been unfairly compensated for your work, reach out to our attorneys for truck drivers in San Diego today by contacting us online or calling (619) 342-8000 for a free case evaluation.

    Is There a Difference Between a Truck Driver & a Delivery Driver?

    The classification of employee or independent contractor plays a large part in what type of compensation you are owed: employees receive greater wage and labor protections than independent contractors. It is often the case that drivers who operate big rig trucks are classified as independent contractors while delivery drivers are classified as employees.

    Examples of delivery drivers include:

    • FedEx drivers
    • Furniture delivery drivers
    • Food delivery drivers
    • Courier services drivers

    Truck Drivers Owed Unpaid Wages & Overtime

    Because independent contractors have less protections under state and federal law, your employer may have tried to classify you incorrectly as either an independent contractor by having you sign a form at the time of hiring or providing you with a specific type of tax form.

    Drivers often mistakenly believe that their status is determined by their employer, rather than by the law. This is legally not the case, and an attorney for truck drivers in San Diego can help you understand your rights if you believe you’ve been misclassified at your expense.

    Types of Compensation Truck Drivers Are Owed

    The different kinds of compensation truck drivers are entitled to include:

    • Overtime pay
    • Mileage reimbursement
    • Unpaid work during meal or rest breaks
    • Time spent loading or unloading
    • Reimbursement for maintenance costs

    Most commonly, many employers fail to compensate their drivers for the correct amount of overtime they deserve. Others fail to reimburse mileage properly. Due to traffic or delays, drivers might be asked to work longer than their scheduled shift or encouraged to skip breaks. Another common trick is to not pay employees for time spent loading and unloading their cargo. Finally, some employers will attempt to make their drivers shoulder maintenance costs for their vehicles.

    None of these situations may have been appropriate if you endured them. Reaching out to an attorney for truck drivers in San Diego can help you understand and act upon your rights to seek fair compensation.

    Not Sure If You’re Owned Money? Get a Free Case Evaluation from Us.

    If you believe you are not being paid properly, you should consider contacting a lawyer who specializes in employment law. Your attorney may be able to help you recover overtime pay, back pay, mileage reimbursement and maintenance costs, as well as other forms of compensations.

    Your employer is barred by law from retaliating against you for exercising your legal rights, and any conversations you have with your attorney are entirely confidential.

    Meeting with an attorney for truck drivers in San Diego at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP may be helpful in determining if you are entitled to compensation for your employer’s failure to comply with state and federal wage and labor laws.

    Contact us online today or call (619) 342-8000 for a free case evaluation from one of our experienced employment law professionals.

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