Brandon Showers

My business had finally received a summons from a copyright troll who had been threatening us for years with false accusations. Having never been sued before, I had no idea what to do. I had heard of H+E Law from their track record of defeating people who use unlawful business practices and intimidating litigation to extort money from people.

When I consulted with H+E Law, the team there listened to my case with an open mind and more importantly, an open heart. It was the first law firm that I felt like actually cared about me personally. For once, I felt like I had someone on my side who was going to be able to help me instead of just seeing me as a revenue stream. Every step of the way, through the negotiation process, the team at H+E filled me with the confidence that I needed to push forward and eventually settle the case in my favor without having to go to trial. In the end, I felt like they enabled me to take the right steps and come out on top so that I could move on with the most important things in my life; my family and my business. I would recommend them to anyone out there who genuinely needs help and is tired of speaking to other law firms that just want to make a quick buck. H+E will listen to your needs and create a defense that you feel confident with.

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