Mitch Perlman

Bottom Line –
If your legal matter falls within this Law firm’s areas of expertise, your search for legal representation is over.

The Detail –
This review is long overdue, in large part because of the difficulty I’ve had with finding the right words and with being concise in the expression of my appreciation of Alreen.

Rarely does a pleasant event trigger the need for an attorney, and rarely are attorney services sought during times of harmony: winning the lottery is the exception that comes to mind. Like most, then, my need was triggered by something adverse: i.e., I was being sued, and the suit was totally unexpected. Needless-to-say, my stress level went through the roof.

I found Alreen the typical way. No, not through Yelp or Craig’s List, but by referral from friends and colleagues. Alreen was highly regarded by those whom I highly regard, and that was enough for me. Although my expectation was, thus, rather high, when I engaged Alreen professionally I hadn’t expected just how professionally engaged Alreen would be. Near-perfect, in fact, would be an accurate descriptor, in how Alreen balanced being quite clear and frank about my legal issues with being genuinely concerned and empathic toward my plight.

Was the situation immediately resolved? Of course not! We all know that the wheels of justice turn ridiculously slowly. Still, probably due to the above, I was able to both literally and emotionally transfer my legal issues to her care. Accordingly, my stress-level reduced to being very manageable, and it remained quite low (in fact, imperceptible) throughout the entire legal process.

As it turned-out, Alreen did handle my matter both effectively and efficiently. In my case, too, the initial retainer came exceptionally close to covering my ultimate outlay: a rarity for most professions/services and especially so for services within the legal arena.

What more can I say about Alreen? Actually, quite a bit. I’ll end, though, by saying, “Call Alreen.” If your legal matter falls within her area of legal expertise, then you’re already on your way to a fair resolution. If Alreen doesn’t believe she is right for your situation, you’ll at least walk away with a referral to someone who is.

Dr. Mitch

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