Tony M

In October of 2014 I was terminated from my employer at one of the states biggest healthcare maintenance organizations due to my association with my son who was becoming an increasingly challenging and costly patient for them. I knew that this was wrong but I needed to explain my side of the story to someone who would be able to help. I was referred over to Haeggquist & Eck LLP, by a friend who is an attorney who had nothing but amazing things to say about them. I gave them a call and was scheduled for an appointment with them within a week. When I got there I met with Aaron who I was referred to initially and got down to the specifics of my case and the details surrounding it. This was a terrible and emotional time for me due to the loss of my 12 year employment and at the same time dealing with the heartache that my son was still suffering several different health complications. The firm was able to accept my case and we moved forward. During the time that it took for my case to resolve the entire staff at the office was in constant contact with me and walked us through all of the legal hurdles that we had to overcome to get to the finish line. The entire team demonstrated throughout the case that they were there to help my case succeed. Each time I was in the office it felt like I was entering the home of a close friend or family member. They treat everyone with such respect that I feel not every attorney does. I have to say that this industry does have some individuals that give it a bad name but Aaron and Alreen make sure that the same is not perceived in their firm. During my two week long trial they were extremely helpful through the many daily challenges that it brought and put on a positive attitude through it that helped me get to the end of it. Ultimately I prevailed in my case and I have them to thank for it. Haeggquist & Eck is the best choice for anyone looking for an employment attorney and if they’re able to help in any way they will. They are here to be an advocate for people who can’t do it for themselves and they sure do an Amazing job. If you select them as your legal team you will not be disappointed!!

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