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    Were You Wrongfully Treated at Work Because of Your Faith?

    Religious discrimination occurs when an employer uses one’s religious beliefs as a basis for treating employees or potential employees differently from others, or for denying them employment. It can occur at any stage of employment, from the hiring process to termination, as well as during the course of employment.

    Title Vll of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees from religious discrimination in the workplace. However, religious discrimination still occurs and can take place in several ways.

    Religious discrimination can be direct or indirect and may include harassment, victimization, and in severe cases, even hate crimes. Haeggquist & Eck, LLP can help if you believe you were a victim of discrimination at work based upon your religious beliefs. Our religious discrimination attorneys in San Diego work with clients to help them seek full compensation for their mistreatment at work.

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    Examples of Religious Discrimination

    The following workplace events and others can be considered discrimination:

    • Hiring or firing based on religion
    • Withholding a promotion because of an employee’s religion
    • Compensating employees unfairly based on religion
    • Failing to accommodate employees’ religious holidays
    • Making derogatory comments about a person’s religious beliefs or practices

    The law not only protects employees from being victims of general religious discrimination, but it also provides that employers must accommodate their employee’s beliefs and holidays.

    For example, if an employer denies vacation time for a religious holiday because it is different from their own, or for any reason, they may be charged with religious discrimination. An example of religious harassment would be demanding that a Muslim woman remove her headscarf to avoid termination.

    Religious Harassment Is on the Rise

    In recent years, religious discrimination has increased dramatically. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, incidents of religious discrimination have almost doubled in the past decade.

    It is essential not to overlook or tolerate any type of religious discrimination and to protect your rights as an employee. Victims are frequently able to recover for lost earnings and benefits, harm to the future potential or ability to advance in their chosen profession, mental and emotional suffering or distress, punitive damages, and legal fees. Only help from an experienced religious discrimination attorney in San Diego could help you achieve these results if you decided to move forward with your religious discrimination lawsuit.

    Haeggquist & Eck, LLP Helps Those Affected by Discrimination

    If you feel you have been discriminated in your workplace because of your religion, the San Diego employment attorneys at Haeggquist & Eck, LLP will review the facts of your case and discuss your options with you.

    Our firm is committed to creating a just workplace where the rights of the individual are respected at all times and in every way. Our religious discrimination attorneys in San Diego handle such cases with professionalism and sensitivity and have a proven track record of success in all kinds of employment discrimination and harassment cases.

    Call us today at (619) 342-8000 to speak with an attorney about your situation and if legal action can help you some of what you lost as a result of discrimination

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