– T.C., Former Client

June 18, 2021
By Haeggquist & Eck

The day I entered this office I knew I landed in the right place. I was wrongfully terminated because I refused to allow the Resort I worked for to garnish my wages by illegally changing my time records. I felt broken from this situation but once I met Jenna, Amber, Arleen and the whole team, they made me feel like I had the support I needed to fight back for what was right. I never once felt the need to question their opinion, strategy or decision, they always took the time to listen and give their advice. The team at H&E Law gave me confidence and worked hard in my case and I am happy to say my case was settled! The amount of work this team put in on my behalf was worth every penny. I hope to never need their assistance again but if I do they are definitely the team I will call. Thank you everyone at H&E, you all are amazing and do great work.