Unsolicited Email Protection

May 30, 2017
By Haeggquist & Eck

Unsolicited Email

Roughly 40 percent of all e-mail traffic in the United States is comprised of unsolicited commercial e-mail advertisements (“Spam”). The increase of Spam is a continued annoyance and Spam filters have not proven to be effective.  Accordingly, the California Legislature has declared that it is necessary that Spam is prohibited and that commercial advertising e-mails be regulated.

Unsolicited Commercial Email Advertisements Prohibited

California has made it unlawful for any person or company to send unsolicited commercial email advertisements.

The Power To Fight Back

In addition to any other available remedies, you may be entitled to bring an action against any entity that sends an unsolicited commercial email advertisement to recover either or both of actual damages and/or liquidated damages of $1,000 for each unsolicited email (up to $1 million per incident).

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