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How Women in Tech Can Fight Against Harassment From Bosses & Investors

For decades, the tech industry has been a male-dominated arena with systematic sexism that has been allowed to persist relatively unchecked. Some strides toward equal treatment for all employees in this field have been made in recent years, but a recent survey from the nonprofit organization Women Who Tech demonstrates there’s much more to be done.

In a survey of more than 1,000 tech industry employees, founders and investors, Women Who Tech found that 70% of women in the tech industry stated they were treated differently than men at work.

Here are some key insights about Harassment of Female Tech Employees uncovered by Women Who Tech’s recent survey:

  • 48 percent of women employees experienced harassment, compared to 11 percent of men
  • 43 percent of employees who said they were harassed were sexually harassed – 18 percent of these respondents said they were offered a promotion in exchange for sex
  • 45 percent of women employees reported harassment; as many as 67 percent said they didn’t trust how their company would handle allegations of harassment
  • 44 percent of women founders said they have experienced harassment
  • 41 percent of women founders who were harassed said they experienced sexual harassment
  • 40 percent of women founders said they were harassed by an investor, 59 percent of this amount reported quid pro quo sexual harassment

What Can Women in Tech Do if they Experience Discrimination or Harassment?

As employment law attorneys, perhaps one of the most troubling statistics for us is that 67 percent of women in the 2020 survey said they didn’t trust how their company would handle harassment allegations if they came forward.

We understand that someone’s willingness to report harassment and unfair treatment often depends on what they expect to come of it.

By engaging with an employment law attorney, you can have a legal advocate at your side to walk you through the reporting process. Your company is required to address your allegations promptly and take action if there is sufficient evidence that mistreatment is taking place

If you have been discriminated against, treated unfairly, harassed or sexually harassed by your employer or an investor, we encourage you to reach out to Haeggquist & Eck, LLP to schedule a free initial consultation.

Get in touch with us today by reaching out online or by calling (619) 342-8000 to reach someone at our office who can help.

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