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HaeLaw covers a full range of employment, consumer and securities
practice areas for our San Diego legal clients

Class Action Law

Construction Workers

It’s unfortunate, but construction workers are often incorrectly compensated in accordance with state and federal

Consumer Fraud

State and federal laws provide consumers with broad protection from false and misleading advertising and

Securities Fraud

The risk of losing money on a stock or bond is an ever-present possibility when


Drug manufacturers Boerhinger Ingelheim and Sanofi halted all distribution of Zantac – a popular over-the-counter

Employment law

Medical Condition

It is against the law for any employer to discriminate against an individual due to medical conditions. Employers are to


The San Diego disability discrimination attorneys at Haeggquist and Eck, LLP can provide the advocacy you need to ensure that

Religious Discrimination

Employers can unlawfully discriminate based on many protected characteristics, including religion. Religious discrimination happens when an employer treats an applicant

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination occurs when an employer treats employees differently than others because of their gender or related factors. “Gender” is

Age Discrimination

Employee discrimination is a serious issue in the State of California. State and federal laws govern employers and employees. If

Race Discrimination

Race discrimination at work involves treating a job applicant or current employee unfairly or unfavorably because of their race or

Severance Negotiation

When you are laid off or terminated from a job, your employer might choose to offer you a severance package,

Meals and Rest Breaks

If your employer is compelling you to miss meals, breaks, work off the clock, or overtime, does it all add

Pregnancy Disability Lawyer

Any physical or mental condition brought on as a result of pregnancy or childbirth that prevents you from performing essential

LGBTQ Discrimination

Sexual orientation is a person’s sexual identity regarding attraction to a specific gender. Gender expression and identity refer to how

Misclassification of employees

The law requires employers to pay certain benefits and payroll taxes for their employees. Unfortunately, some employers try to avoid

San Diego FMLA

Working and earning to support your family is essential, and when you experience an injury or serious health condition that


Employers that take retaliatory action against employees who have reported any type of discrimination or harassment are liable to face

Wrongful Termination

When people get fired from work, they rarely agree with their employer’s decision or reasons for letting them go. The

Hostile Work Environment

When used in a legal sense, however, the term “hostile work environment” does not refer to any of these. It

Disability Accommodation

An important task of employers when hiring is considering how to make appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities, also known


Employee discrimination is a serious issue in the State of California. State and federal laws govern employers and employees. If

Sexual Harassment

Unwanted physical touching

California and federal employment laws provide many protections for employees, including the right to be free from sexual harassment. Unfortunately,

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can include sexual harassment, but sexual harassment doesn’t necessarily include sexual assault. Under California law, any kind of

Quid Pro Quo

Your ability to get and keep a job and to advance in the company where you work should be based

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