Is Your Employer Improperly Classifying You?

The law requires employers to pay certain benefits and payroll taxes for their employees.
Unfortunately, some employers try to avoid paying required payroll taxes or providing them with
required benefits and place them in a position of having to pay all of their own taxes by classifying
them as “independent contractors” and giving them a 1099 tax form rather than a W-2.
Misclassification of employees is not only wrong; it is also illegal.

At Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, we can help if you’re an employee who has been improperly labeled as
an independent contractor by your employer. We’ve helped many clients like you seek fair and
just compensation and hold their employers accountable for misclassifying them. Our employee
misclassification attorneys in San Diego are dedicated to helping you every step of the way
toward your best possible chance of a settlement or jury award in your favor.

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Other Types of Incorrect

Worker Classification

Misclassification occurs in a variety of ways other than treating employees as independent contractors. Employees are sometimes paid completely “off the books” or paid “under the table,” usually in cash. Employees who have no management responsibilities or are actually hourly employees are expected to work overtime hours without overtime pay by misclassifying them as managers.

Employers do this to avoid paying:

This significantly reduces the value of the
employees’ compensation and denies them the
safety net that the law provides for, while cheating
the government out of legitimate employment taxes.

If you feel that your employer is deliberately
misclassifying workers to skirt the law, the San Diego
employee misclassification attorneys at Haeggquist
& Eck, LLP can help. Our attorneys are experienced
and dedicated professionals who are committed
to protecting your rights in the workplace.

Penalties for knowingly misclassifying an employee
can be anything from $100 to $750 or more per day
that the employee was misclassified. Employers can
also be penalized with as long as six months in jail.
Employers shown to be fraudulently misrepresenting
the status of their employees will also be required to
pay the required taxes for the misclassified worker.
Other penalties and restrictions can be placed upon
your employer as well. With our experience on your
side, you will have the best chance of recovering
money and benefits that you have been denied by your employer’s wrongdoing.

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